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As a Hartford HealthCare Partner with more than 100 years of experience providing the highest quality care and resources in home care, let our exceptional team deliver the best in care and compassion through our Palliative and Hospice care Program.

We understand the importance of making the right decisions at such a critical time. Let our expertise in palliative and hospice medicine along with our areas of specialty services, provide the highest quality care and resources while focusing on what matters most to our patients and their loved ones.

The Programs

Memorial Sloan Kettering Partnership

The Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute has been selected as the charter member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance. This prestigious partnership has the strength to bring cancer patients in Connecticut unprecedented access to breakthrough research, innovative treatment options and care that is second to none.

Deficiency Free State Survey

The HOPE and hospice programs at HHC at Home received a deficiency-free state survey, which means that we exceeded compliance requirements for quality care.

Our survey results are an outstanding accomplishment and demonstrate a team effort in caring for our HOPE and hospice patients and families.

Tuck-in Program

Even though HHC at Home's hospice team is available 24/7, the Tuck-in Program was established for patients and families in need of special care and attention. The on-call nurse makes evening phone calls to "tuck in" high risk patients and assess if care is needed outside of scheduled visits.

Certified by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice

HHC at Home is proud to be accredited by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice, which provides staff with specialized training and insights and access to resources and education about Jewish traditions, beliefs and cultural values. HHC at Home is one of only 55 hospices nationwide to earn this certification.

We Honor Veterans

HHC at Home is a national partner of We Honor Veterans, a pioneering campaign developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, in collaboration with the Department of Veteran Affairs. As a We Honor Veterans partner, HHC at Home holds ongoing veteran-centered education for its staff and volunteers to help improve the care we provide to the veterans we proudly serve.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are a valuable part of the HHC at Home's hospice program. HHC at Home provides hospice volunteers specialized training to develop the skills needed to work with patients and their families. Their gifts of time, energy and skills fill a unique role that only they can offer.

Bereavement Program

HHC at Home's HOPE and hospice teams understand the challenging journey of grief and loss and they are committed to supporting all those who have experienced the death of a loved on throughout the first 13 months of bereavement.HHC at Home's bereavement program helps family members and friends to better understand and cope with their grief as they move toward hope and healing.

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We Care for Our Patients Wherever They Call Home

Our HOPE and hospice teams provide care in patients' homes, wherever that may be. We partner with skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities and local hospitals. HHC at Home works closely with patients, their loved ones and their medical providers to determine the best setting for services.

Advanced Knowledge and Skills

HHC at Home's clinicians understand the importance of education focused on the holistic and integrative care of terminally ill individuals and their loved ones. Of HHC at Home's clinicians and medical directors, 95% have obtained a Certification in End of Life Care, a highly specialized multidisciplinary training in caring for those who are experiencing a terminal illness. This national Certification in End of LIfe Care distinguishes our clinicians as knowledgeable, skilled and committed professionals in this important field of health care.

Educational Support for Our Partners

We offer ongoing education and in servicing to your staff at your request as well as participation in family and patient meetings and care planning.

Palliative Care

Our HOPE Team provides palliative care focused on quality of life and a broad treatment plan that meets the needs of the whole person. Our team is unique in that our HOPE staff supports patients and families through the disease process, offering a bridge to hospice care if that becomes necessary.

End of Life Care

HHC at Home's hospice team supports and helps educate patients in options and choices for the highest quality of life.

The team works together to ensure that the patient's physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs are met and that the family feels supported. At HHC at Home, the patient and their loved ones are the center and leaders of the hospice team.

Gold Standard in Quality of Care

HHC at Home consistently achieves the highest patient and family satisfaction outcomes. According to our Q1 2014 survey results completed through National Hospice and Palliative Care organization over 90% of HHC at Home hospice patients' families felt that the program's quality of care was "excellent" and stated that they would recommend our hospice to others. The National Average in this category is 73.5% cited by this source. HHC at Home's hospice program exceeds both regional and national standards in terms of patient satisfaction.

We Put Our Patients First

We put our patients, families and communities at the forefront of everything we do, to ensure clear communication and a partnership with patients and their loved ones is established. This sets the ground work for excellence in care delivery.

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  • DNR not required
  • Prognosis < 6 months
  • No homebound status necessary
  • Refusing life-prolonging treatment
  • Medicare coverage 100% for services, medications related to terminal illness, DME equipment
  • Increased help at home covered with HCA, nursing, social work, pastoral care, volunteers, PT, OT

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The Facts


Clinical findings of malignancy with evidence of metastatic disease

Refuses further life-prolonging therapy

Pulmonary Disease

Dyspnea at rest, no response to broncholilators, decreased functional capacity. Progression of disease with pulmonary infection/respiratory failure. Hypoxemia on room air, O2SAT <88% on room air. Right sided heart failure.


Ability to speak is limited; assist with ambulation, weight loss. Hx aspiration pneumonia, septicemia, recurrent fevers, pressure ulcers, recurrent hospitalizations

Neurological Disease (ALS, Parkinson's, Muscular Dystrophy, MS)

Dyspnea at rest, refuses intubation. Life threatening complications in past year with sepsis, aspiration pneumonia, recurrent fever, pressure ulcers stage 3 or 4.

Heart Disease

CHF with NYHA class IV sx, SOB at rest or with minimal activity

EF <20%, dysrythmias

Renal Failure

Creatinine clearance<10cc/min Serum creatinine >8.0. Patient is not seeking dialysis or transplant.


CD4+ <25 cells/mcl or viral load >100,000

Weight loss, renal failure, CNS, lymphoma, bacteremia, visceral KS

Stroke or Coma

Poor functional status. Poor nutritional status, weight loss. Serum albumin<2.5

Liver Disease

PT>5se or INR>1.5 Refractory ascites, bacterial peritonitis, hepatic encephalopathy, variceal bleeding

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The Most Comprehensive Provider of In-Home Care in Our Region. Services can be packaged to create a customized plan of care to optimize clinical outcomes, maximize independence and improve quality of life.

We are a not-for-profit community-based home health and hospice organization serving Connecticut residents in Hartford, Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, New London, New Haven, Tolland and Windham counties. Founded in 1901, Hartford HealthCare at Home is part of an integrated health care system known as Hartford HealthCare. Hartford HealthCare at Home fulfills its mission by enabling individuals to achieve maximum independence, to participate in their own plan of care, and to live with dignity while receiving quality care in their own homes.

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