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Cardiopulmonary Health

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the most common lung diseases, which makes it difficult to breathe. There are two main forms of COPD: Chronic bronchitis, which involves a long-term cough with mucus; Emphysema, which involves destruction of the lungs over time. Hartford HealthCare at Home’s Cardiopulmonary program provides treatment, education and rehabilitation if you are recovering from cardiopulmonary disease.

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is a narrowing of the small blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart. CHD is also called coronary artery disease. Hartford HealthCare at Home helps patients understand the disease and teach self-management. Our Physical and Occupational Therapists create a customized home exercise program, determine safe functional capacity and help increase strength.


Diabetes is usually a lifelong (chronic) disease in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood. Hartford HealthCare at Home nurses are well versed in the three-pronged approach to diabetes treatment and can help their patients control their disease with appropriate diet, exercise and medications. Nurses treat Type I and Type II diabetes and provide care and guidelines for monitoring diabetics who experience acute or chronic complications. Our staff also helps with lifestyle management to avoid complications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetic nephropathy, visual impairment and diabetic foot disease.


High blood pressure (hypertension) is when your blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or above most of the time.

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