Counseling Services

Center for Hospice Care - Counseling ServicesHospice care goes beyond caring for the patient

We also provide support for the family prior to and after the death of their loved one.

Social Work

A masters-level medical social worker (MSW)/Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) assists with:

  • Coping with changes occurring in the family
  • Educating the entire family to understand the dying process
  • Developing a long-range plan of care
  • Identifying where volunteers may help
  • Exploring financial needs and mobilizing legal resources
  • End of Life planning. This form of counseling can help families respect the wishes of a loved one and ease the transition to the future
  • Advance Directives. Advance directives, which include Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders and Living Wills, define the wishes of a patient in the event that they are not able to express them
  • Accessing community resources
  • Memorials. Talk to us about your ideas to celebrate or honor the life of someone you have lost

Bereavement Counseling

These programs are open to all members of the community free of charge, regardless of whether Center for Hospice Care was involved in their earlier loss.

  • For family members. We work directly with family members, including children, to process all the events surrounding the end of life.
  • Care for grieving children. Center for Hospice Care staff utilize a variety of techniques to facilitate a child’s understanding of death and help him or her to express feelings.
  • Support groups. Peer support is available through 6-week sessions and open-ended groups.
  • 13-months of support. Bereavement counselors and volunteers follow up for 13 months after a loss.
  • Bereavement library. We have an extensive library of books and videos on the topic of grief, bereavement and recovery.
  • Community resources. We are able to connect people with other local organizations that can help with long term counseling.

Spiritual & Religious Counseling

Spiritual care counselors provide spiritual support for patients and family members across all types of religions, backgrounds, and cultures with these capabilities:

  • Advocacy and outreach. Encouraging patients and families to stay connected or to reconnect with their faith traditions.
  • Trained in dealing with grief and mourning. Assistance with navigating through loss.
  • Experienced in Center for Hospice Care philosophy and practices. Each member of our team embraces our commitment to compassion and care.
  • Confidential. Privacy and complete discretion is central to all communication.

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