Veterans Services

Hartford HealthCare at Home is the only hospice in the country to provide a dedicated Veterans Liaison to guide resident veterans through benefits and end-of-life care.

It's accomplished through special gatherings called “Coffee Hour.” For more information on this service, please call 860.305.2865.

Your Veterans Served You: Now You Can Serve and Care for Your Veterans

Our Hartford Health Care at Home Program has a variety of programs, events and ceremonies to support your residential Veterans and to provide in-service training to your Staff. We are here for you, let us know how we can assist you.

Veterans Activities:

  • Benefits, entitlements and services
  • Veterans Coffee Hour – learn who your veterans are, introduce them to each other, have them share their stories and life reviews.
  • Veteran-to-Veteran Visits: have the Veterans liaison come to your Veteran and assist him/her and their family.
  • Veterans-related ceremonies: Appreciation Ceremonies, Memorial Services, Walls of Honor and Generational Passing of the Flag.

Programs for Staff, Management & Community:

  • Scheduled at the convenience of the Facility Management for any day (any or all shifts).
  • Veterans Care Best Practices
  • Veterans Admissions and Documentation
  • Veterans Military History, Culture & PTSD
  • Veterans Benefits & Entitlements

To schedule any of the above activities, please contact:

Sherri Vogt
Veterans Liaison

Hartford HealthCare at Home